Energy, Meridian & Chakra Balancing

In relation to Acupuncture, Energy balancing is a term used for aligning the meridians of the body. I use a combination of Chinese, Daoist, 5 element techniques & akabane methods with the purpose to restore correct flow within the meridians and in relationship to each other. This may take a series of treatments. Subjective & objective results are also diagnostics to what is shifting within the body, and will guide further treatments. Specific protocols in Esoteric Acupuncture intend to connect and align the chakra centers of the body. 

Reconditioning the Body

Emotional, Mental, Physical & Spiritual Patterns can be Linked to past-life experiences, ancestral relationships and karma, womb & birth experiences, and early childhood experiences.  Although some events we remember, others have become a part of us without our cognitive recognition. I incorporate a series of techniques which intend to identify meridian imbalances and free "trapped" energy, often causing the undesired patterns which manifest in the mind, body, Soul, or spirit.  For thousands of years 'spirit', and 'ghost' points have been used to help with a variety of unexplained emotional and psychological conditions. I use a combination of Esoteric Acupuncture, Specific Geometry, akabane testing, and hakomi therapy to support a shift in reconditioning the body and allowing new pathways to flow between the meridians.

Stress, Insomnia, & Fatigue

Acupuncture is widely known for it's benefits with these 3 very common ailments. Although these can be caused by a number of different reasons, we can work with the causes and help restore healthy alignment, improving overall quality of life.

Womens' & Mens' Health & Fertility

Fertility & reproductive health can also be influenced by a number of factors. It can be a challenging, confusing and an emotional process for both men & women.  I am both educated and share direct experience in dealing with both male and female fertility issues, and will work with each person's unique situation supporting optimal health & fertility.  

Long-term Preventative health & Wellness

The focus on preventative health is very important to overall vitality and longevity. In general, yet not always, It is much easier to prevent disease, than to treat it. In theory, this becomes more apparent as we age. By a combination of techniques, I focus to address and treat current disharmonies, including addressing the relationships between the mind, body & spirit, and encourage seasonal treatments to clients to maintain good health and well-being.